The workout for 9/6/2010.

This is our Labor Day Workout.

I still find it amazing how many places are open on this day. A day to celebrate the American Worker. The first labor day was celebrated in New York,  September 5, 1882 and was “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers”.

Glad we were off work today. Of course not working does not mean not working out!

Music: Joe Satriani. T-shirt: TEAMWORK: A lot of people doing what I tell them to do! Interesting to wear this on Labor Day.

First: Exercise Circuit: 6 Stations, 30 seconds at each station for max reps. 3 Cycles.

  1. DB Incline Press
  2. Inverted Rows
  3. Vertimax Laterals
  4. Ab Pullins on Slideboard
  5. Push Up Positions Walkover Aerobic Step (good for core)
  6. Push Up Positions Walkover Parallete (good for core)

Second: We did 4 supersets of Ground Up Push Ups and Planks. Remember for the ground up push ups you actually go all the way to the floor and then push all the way up. You are looking to get the entire motion. A lot of people think they are resting once they hit the floor…it really all depends on how long you lie there!

We did 25 reps for each set of push ups followed by a plank for 1 minute.

Third: Agility/Power Drill using Turfcordz Bungie Cordz.

These are not your “normal” bungees. These are strong!

We did a drill where you would shuffle to the right laterally, backpedal, laterally to the left and finally straight-ahead. We did 20 seconds on each one and immediately go to the next. So after a short period of time you knew you had been pushed cardio wise. We did 2 cycles.

Fourth: Core/Abs…not because we needed it. Hell half the workout includes some core work. Just a nice way to cool down.

So we cooled down with:

  1. Crunches 50
  2. Side Hip Raises 25 on each side
  3. Leg Raises 50

And the video:


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