This is the workout for 9_20_2010.

We are still on a bodyweight only kick. This time around we did use a few toys but nothing elaborate.

Amazing how you can use just you and do so much. Of course I mean mentally and physically. This blog just happens to be more physical.

At least…that’s what she said…

Music: Edenbridge. Like Journey, Edenbridge won’t make it back to JONESERCISE. T-shirt: Kneel Before Zod!

Warm Up: Inchworms with 5 pushups at each full layout.

Then Table Walks, both for 25 yards.

You try to keep your hips up as parallel to the floor as possible.

The steps are small, the shoulders and triceps will get burned…you may also get a hellofa hamstring cramp.

Next: Bodyweight Squat/Lunge Complex

You follow this little dance step: First Squat then forward lunge then another squat to a back lunge and finally to a high kick. 25 on each leg.

Next: Squat Variations

  1. Wide Squats w/Gold Theraband 50
  2. Wide Prisoner Squats/Gold Theraband 50
  3. Bottoms Up Squats/Gold Theraband 50 Reps
  4. Feet Together Squats 50 reps

Next: Push Up Variations. 10 reps each, 3 cycles. 210 Reps total.

  1. Discs
  2. Air Ex
  3. Bosu Up
  4. Bosu Down
  5. Ball on the wall
  6. 2 Balls
  7. Regular

Next: Core/Abs

  1. Crunches 50
  2. Leg Raises 50
  3. Tables 1 minute
  4. Crunches 25
  5. Leg Raises 25
  6. Low One leg Table 30 seconds each side
  7. Crunches 15
  8. Leg Raises 15
  9. High One leg Table 30 seconds each side

And the video:


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