This is the workout for 9/27/2010.

The title of the picture to the left should be: “The Aftermath of Jonesercise”.

So we had a great workout Saturday and I was wondering how to raise the bar today.

I think I found it.

Sure on paper it doesn’t seem like much. And even after I whittle down an hour or more of exercise into 4  minutes it still may not seem so bad.

Well let me tell you…IT IS! And if it wasn’t I might just go back to the easy body building routine that served me well while I was competing for 9 or 10 years. Yep while those routines were a bit difficult they were nothing compared to this stuff.

Music: Sammy Hagar and Iron Maiden (no not together!). A bit of history…Sammy’s main guitar man for his band (Wabos) is Vic Johnson. Vic was the lead guitar player of a band I was in with my brother in Colorado. Of course Vic was in the 10 grade. I was in the 9th and my brother the 8th. Small world.

T-Shirt: B.Merrell’s. 5 cards done…5 to go. Gotta have goals!

First: We started out with some core/ab stuff with the med balls just to get some blood flowing. We were using 9 med balls: 2 – 12 pounders, 3 – pounders, 2 – eight pounders, a 6 and a 4. Everyone would get a piece of each ball on every exercise. While we did use the med balls they are not necessary. They just add some intensity.

  1. Sit Up/Side to Side (Left/Right) 5 reps and pass the ball to the right
  2. Leg Raises Arms Extended, 10 reps and pass the ball
  3. Ball in one hand Crunches, 5 reps in each hand and pass the ball
  4. Seated Leg Raises Ball Overhead, 10 reps and pass the ball

Second: Interesting circuit here. Seems kinda easy on paper. But you may want to add up the reps before you try it. Total Push Ups: 300. The leg stuff even more. This will totally blast the upper and lower body.

  1. Hopping Lunges 50 each leg
  2. 50 Ground up Push ups
  3. Short Lunges 50 reps each leg
  4. 50 Ground up Push ups
  5. Single leg squats 50
  6. 50 Ground up Push ups
  7. Step-ups on chair 50
  8. 50 Ground up Push ups
  9. Long Lunges 50 reps each leg
  10. 50 Ground up Push ups
  11. Squats 100
  12. 50 Ground up Push ups

And the video:

  1. I have bookmarked your site and visit all the time, keep up the good work!

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