This is the workout for 10/4/2010.

While the last workout wasn’t devastating it leave behind some little aches and sore spots on everyone. Not everyone was sore in the same places which goes right along with what happens every time we train.

This workout incorporates some similar things (various kinds of squats) with some thing we rarely do: Turkish getups.

Why to we rarely do them? Well they are a pain in the rear. They aren’t fun. They aren’t easy. They don’t build up the “beach body muscles”. They look easier than they really are. But they are great for conditioning.

We did relatively light weight and a real bastardized technique. Essentially our technique today was this: “Hold the weight overhead. Lay down. Now get back up.” Simple and to the point.

Music: George Thorogood. T-Shirt: Some random MMA t-shirt I pulled out of the clean pile at home.

3 Cycles – 10 Reps Squats (360 total reps), 6 reps (216 total reps) Turkish Getups:

1. Wide Stance Squats

Bastardized Turkish getups

2. Ball Between Knees Squat

Bastardized Turkish getups

3. Ball overhead Squats

Bastardized Turkish getups

4. Ball Held in Front Squats

Bastardized Turkish getups

5. Heels Up On Plate Squats

Bastardized Turkish getups

6. 1 arm KB Overhead Squats

Bastardized Turkish getups

7. Bosu Up Squats

Bastardized Turkish getups

8. Bosu Down Squats

Bastardized Turkish getups

9. Toes Up On Plate Squats

Bastardized Turkish getups

10. Squats On Balance Discs

Bastardized Turkish getups

11. Squats On Incline Board

Bastardized Turkish getups

12. Squats On Air Ex Pads

Bastardized Turkish getups


  1. Crunches 50
  2. Leg Raises 50
  3. Alternate Foot to Hand 25 Each Side
  4. Lemon Squeezers 25
  5. Seated Leg Raises 25
  6. One Leg Lemon Squeezers 25 Each Side

And the video:


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