This is the workout for 10/11/2010.

So here we are…doing more conditioning exercises. And what are we “conditioning” for? LIFE!

You see LIFE is not a spectator sport. To live LIFE at its fullest your body has to be able to work.

Squatting down, bending over, reaching for things, getting off the floor…sure all simple and functional things and we could probably do “easier things” but then that wouldn’t prepare us for the unexpected.

So we’ve done a boatload of squats and push ups before but not quite like this and I’ve never had a post with that title either!

Music by: Clutch. T-shirt: Just some t-shirt with some skulls and guitars.

First: Kind of a Warm Up.

  1. Inchworms for 25 yards with 10 Push Ups at the layout. Not sure how many push ups were done by everyone. It really depends on how tall you are. The taller you are the more ground you can cover.
  2. Long Lunges for 25 yards.

Second: The Beginning of Squats. Time to Burn the Lower!

  1. Single Leg ¼ at the top Squat 25 reps each leg
  2. Single Leg Chair Squat 50 reps each leg

Third: The Continuation of Push Ups. Time to Burn the Upper! Push Up Super Set. 5 x 10 each.

  1. Cobras
  2. Hand to Foot Push Ups

Fourth: Standing Medicine Ball Squat Drill.

8 Balls, 4 to 12 pounds. 10 reps with every ball.

  1. Squats Ball Overhead
  2. Squats Ball In Front
  3. Knee To Ball

Fifth: More Push Up Variations. Both of these are much harder than they sound or look.

  1. “Half Clock”. Push Up at 9:00, 12:00 and 3:00. 5 times.
  2. Hand over hand in push up position in a half circle. 5 times.

Sixth: Core/Abs. What the heck…we had some time.

  1. Crunches 100
  2. Top Leg Raises 25
  3. Middle Leg Raises 25
  4. Bottom Leg Raises 25
  5. Full Leg Raises 25
  6. Side Crunches 50 on each side.

And the video:


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