This is the workout for 10/13/2010.

Oh yeah this was a tough one! It was so sic it just about made me sick.

I had to have a tough workout today because I was wearing my new Synergy Athletics t-shirt courtesy of Joe Hashey, CSCS. I had to deliver respect! Joe’s got a web site full of great information for athletes/coaches to reach their highest potential.

This also was going to be the last workout for a week so it had to be memorable.

Music: Rob Zombie. Slipknot. T-Shirt: Synergy Athletics.

First: DB Push Press Ladder.

We’ve done this one before and it never seems easy…which is why we do it again.

No need to do easy stuff.

We lined up all the dumbbells from the rack from 5 pounders to the 65s. 13 sets. We start at the 5’s with 5 reps and kept moving forward…getting heavier and heavier. The lighter stuff takes care of the warm up. (At least that’s what I tell myself.) After everyone knocked out 13 sets then we started back down the ladder.

Second: Time to knock out some legs. We started off with Single Leg Squat Variations. We did 34 reps on each one.

  1. ¼ At the Top
  2. ¼ From the Bottom
  3. Full Range

Third: So what better thing to do after knocking out the legs one at a time?

Well how about both legs together? Works for us! So time for some Squat variations. We did another 34 reps at each stage.

  1. Rock Bottom
  2. Upper Portion
  3. Full Range

Fourth: Medicine ball drill

Sprawl, knee to ball (1 to each side), push up, jump then ball slam, 3 times each ball.

We had 11 balls. Checkout the video. It will make more sense.

Fifth: Plate Core/Abs. The tough stuff continues.

Standing Plate Core (3 x 5):

  1. Plate Pullthroughs
  2. Plate Twist With Pause in Middle
  3. Plate Overhead Twist Plate to Hip

Lying Plate Core:

  1. Seated Twists Feet Up 3 x 10
  2. Sit Up Plate Side-to-Side 3 x 5
  3. Plate to Toes 3 x 10

Sixth: As if we really needed anything else to do…we finished off with a “suicide drill” using furniture sliders.

But we added 5 Burpees at each turn a round.

Yes I slept well.

And the complete video!


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