The Mega Training and Conditioning workout for 10/25/2010.

Oh yeah! Getting back into it. The last workout wasn’t too bad. This is the second workout after a week off and we do one of the hardest ones yet!

Wanna get stronger? Wanna burn some calories?

You came to the right place. But of course the right place may not be the best place for you.

You see if you don’t want to work hard and break a huge sweat time to go somewhere else.

Music: Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies. Loved the original album. T-Shirt: The Ultimate Fighter.


First: The 9 stations exercise circuit. 30 seconds at each station for 2 cycles.

The only rest was to get to the other station.

  1. Inverted Rows
  2. DB Curls
  3. Bar Overhead Squats
  4. Cross Touch Push Up
  5. Plate Pull Throughs
  6. Vertimax Laterals
  7. Triceps Bench Dips
  8. Parallete Push Ups
  9. Ab Pullins on Slide Board

Second: Playing with some furniture sliders today. Sliders in Push Up Position:

  1. Forwards for 25 yards
  2. Backwards for 25 yards

Third: Tabata style training. Chair Squats.

Maximum reps in 20 seconds with a 10 second break and finishing after 8 rounds.

Fourth: Superset of 2 exercises 10 reps each

  1. Decline Push ups
  2. Burpees kicking feet up and into the chair

Fifth: Core/Abs. We did everything in the chair tonight. 10 exercises.

  1. Lower Leg Raises 25
  2. Upper Leg Raises 25
  3. Mid point Leg Raises 25
  4. Full Leg Raises 25
  5. Lemon squeezers 25
  6. Bicycles 25 Each side
  7. Knees to Elbows 25
  8. Alternate Hand to Foot.
  9. Legs Out Crunches
  10. Rockers 25

And the video awaits:


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