This is the workout for 11/1/2010.

I saw Christmas decorations already on display last weekend. I guess now we go from Halloween straight to Christmas skipping the family traditional Thanksgiving. Guess retailers go where the dollars are.

And since we are in the “holiday season” time to whip out a diet that I can follow during the holidays as well as a some intense workouts along the way.

Music: Firewind. T-shirt: JONESERCISE.

First: The infamous dumbbell ladder.

Today we did squats for 5 reps at every set of dumbbells. 13 sets total going from 5 pounds to 65’s.

The change in today’s ladder was putting a medicine ball between each set of dumbbells.

We did 10 push ups on each ball. So this little 12 minute sequence knocks out the legs, upper body as well as the core. But we didn’t stop here.

Second: Body weight Squats: 4 sets of 50.

Between each set of 50 reps we did a squat hold at parallel for 1 minute. This was not fun!

Third: Time to give the legs a break so we did Ground up push ups: 4 sets of 25.

Start completely on the floor and straighten the arms all the way.

Between each set of 25 reps we did a hold for 30 seconds

Fourth: Time to hit the legs again. Bottoms Up Squats.

Squat as low as you can with your hands on the ground. Then straighten the knees lifting the butt up but leave your hands on the ground.

Hits the quads and does a good hamstring stretch at the same time. 4 sets of 25. And between each set of 25 we did the parallel hold again but for 30 seconds.

Fifth: Core/Abs stuff

  1. Sliding Tables 3 x 10
  2. Table hold for 1 minute
  3. One leg table hold for 30 seconds each side
  4. Hip Ups 50
  5. Crunches 50

And the compressed workout:

Oh yeah…my diet…like it says this is mine. Do not attempt if you have problems or may have problems:

Unrestricted consumption of lean meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and fruit. Vegetables before fruit.

2 cheat meals a week (not a whole pizza).

No cereal grains, breads, dairy, rice, high glycemic fruit or vegetables, legumes, salty foods, high fat meats, sugar, processed foods.

All nuts are OK except for peanuts.

Eggs are fine. Boiled or poached is better than fried.

Oils for cooking: olive, canola, coconut, avocado, flaxseed. Try not to fry or use high heats but saute low to medium heat. Flaxseed has good Omega 3 and use more for salads but not cooking.

Post exercise you could have potatoes, rice or dried fruit but this is the only time for these.


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