The workout for 11/8/2010.

So why do I think you’ll hate it? Well I did!

I thought the last workout was tough…not compared to this one!

Lots of red, pink and white faces during this workout.

It didn’t look that hard on paper…but looks can be deceiving.

Music: Steppenwolf. T-shirt: Just some shirt with a guitar on it.

First: Agility Ladders. Tons of drills can be done with these.

We did several and even did some upper body with them.

Didn’t think I was supposed to get winded during a relative warm up.

Second: Tabata style stuff! Whenever we do “Tabatas” we are doing an exercise for as many reps as possible in 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break and will do 8 cycles. For this workout we threw in some simple Jumping Jacks after our main exercise using the same protocol. So each superset lasted just under 8 minutes instead of 4.

This is the first time we have done jumping jacks. They just seem too easy. Doing them this way added some calorie burn but I’m not sure if we’ll do them again.

  1. Squats then Jumping Jacks
  2. Chair Push Ups then Jumping Jacks

Third: If the first couple of things didn’t bother you too much the next one I guarantee you’ll hate! We did 5 supersets  of burpees and planks .

  1. Burpees shooting our legs back onto a chair with a push up5 sets of 10
  2. Plank 1 minute

Fourth: Chair Core/Abs on a Chair

  1. Leg Raises 25
  2. Lemon Squeezers 25
  3. Alternate Hand to Foot 25 Each Side
  4. One Leg Lemon Squeezers 25 Each Side
  5. Rockers 25
  6. Knee to Elbow 25 Each Side

And the video:


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