This is the workout for 11-17-2010.

The last workout was pretty tough. Lots of deep breathing and sweat across the board.

So I had to figure out how to raise the bar again for this workout. I think I did.

There was more “silence” between exercises today. A sure sign that the workout was a success!

Music and T-shirt: Metallica!

Warm Up: Agility ladder drills. As I mentioned before there are probably hundreds of different drills. We did  a few. Each drill was done twice.

Next: Time for the meat of the workout today: Monster Walks!

These were done with gold tband around the ankles and a weight plate. We did a short version of this a few weeks ago. We ramped it up a bit with this workout by adding more distance.

The red plates are 45lb, the blue are 35lb, the yellow are 25lb and the green are 10lb.

  1. Monster Walk standing up straight with a plate overhead. 50 Yards.
  2. Monster Walk with overhead press with plate. 50 Yards.
  3. Monster Walk Hopping forward with plate. 50 yards.
  4. Monster Walk Hopping backward with plat 50 yards.

Next: Prisoner squats with Knee to Elbow. This hits the core, thighs and butt.

For the first set we did 20 reps on both sides. That was followed by 2 other sets. One for 15 reps on both sides and the other 10 reps on both sides.

Core/Abs: Its that time again!

  1. Crunches 50 reps
  2. Crunches with one leg up 25 reps to each side
  3. Unilateral Bridges done driving the heel into the ground. 25 each side.
  4. Side Planks Reps 25 on each side.
  5. Seated Leg Raises 50 reps

And the video:


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