Tis the workout for 11/24/2010. Thanksgiving Eve…

Music: Led Zeppelin. T-shirt: Captain America.

Again (as usual) I decided to raise the “bar”. I wonder where the “bar” stops?

We’ve done some “Tabatas” before…but not for the entire workout.

Unfamiliar with Tabatas? As I said before…this is not a new Tequila. Izumi Tabata is a researcher in Japan. You can connect with him on Facebook (but it probably really isn’t him).

Dr. Izumi Tabata of The National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo developed a protocol to increase both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. “Tabata” workouts are brief, but extremely intense.

When I say we are doing “Tabatas” I am extrapolating from the research of Dr. Tabata. Meaning we take an exercise and bust your rear for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break. The process is repeated 8 times. A less than 4 minute process. Painful but it pays off!

So we did it with 10 different exercises. All bodyweight only. So got for it!

The Workout:

  1. Squats
  2. Crunches
  3. Push Ups
  4. Leg Raises
  5. Jump Squats
  6. Triceps Dips
  7. Prone Opposite Arm/Leg
  8. One Leg Squats
  9. Alternate Hand to Foot
  10. Supermans

Since we always try to get an hour in…we did a “Finisher”…and it did. Furniture Slide Suicides!

And the video:


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