This is the workout for 11-29-2010.

So what to do for the second training day after Thanksgiving?

How bout jumping for joy?!!

We did something similar a few months ago. It was tough.

This will be tougher! A 54th birthday is today. So we will celebrate it with doing 54 reps in several exercises.

Music: NIN. T-Shirt: Everyday is Training Day.

First: Agility Ladders. Did a variety of drills.

Second: An now for something different!

  1. Foot Drags 25 yards
  2. Heel Drags 25 yards

This stuff looks easier than it is.

Third: Time for some jumping. Jump Up/Jump Out drill for 50 yards.

Fourth: Time for some calf burning with Stutter steps for 50 yards.

Fifth: Quarter Jumps. 3 sets of 54.

Sixth: 180 degree spin jumps. 3 x 54

Seventh: Squat Jumps. 3 x 54. A bit deeper than the quarter squats.

Eighth: Core/Abs

  1. Crunches 54
  2. Leg Raises 54
  3. Side Plank Hip Raises 22 on each side (messed up the math)
  4. Alternate foot to hand  54
  5. Seated Leg Raises 54

And the video!!

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