This is the workout for 12-11-2010.

Decided to do an all body weight workout. We’ve done body weight workouts before. The reason we do them is they are effective. You also develop a respect for what you can do without any fancy devices or facilities.

Although we’ve done body weight days in the past, as always, every workout we do is different. Every single one.

Music: Trans-Siberian Orchestra. T-shirt: Cage Fighter.  Reminds me that there is a UFC bout on tonight…GSP should win the main event. Just sayin’.

First: Agility Ladder. Just to get some blood flowing.

Second: Rotational Push ups with a kick.

Sure maybe it looks like we’re trying out for the Rockettes but this additional move just adds a bit more to a great exercise.

We did 2 sets of 25 yards.

Third: Hey how about some more Rockette training?

We did this with a kind of a super set. Squat and push up variations.

  1. Squat and Front Kick 50 reps
  2. Rotational Push Ups 50
  3. Squat and Straight Leg Kick 50
  4. Ground Up Push Ups with pause at the top and middle 50
  5. Prisoner Squat with Knee to Elbow 50

Fourth: Push Up Circuit.

7 variations. 5 reps each station for 2 cycles 

  1. Pushups on ball
  2. Pushups Bosu up
  3. Pushups Bosu down
  4. Pushups on discs
  5. Pushups on wood balance thingy
  6. Pushups on Airex pads
  7. Hopping Pushups

Fifth: Squat Circuit. 7 variations. 10 reps each and 2 cycles

  1. Squat Bosu up
  2. Squat Bosu down
  3. Squat on discs
  4. Squat on incline board
  5. Squat on wood balance thingy
  6. Squat on Airex pads
  7. Jump Squats

Sixth: Time for some core/ab stuff. We did all of it on a mat table.

This adds a different dynamic compared to doing the same exercises on the floor.

All of the exercises can be done on a chair.

  1. Lemon Squeezers 50
  2. Twist Lemon Squeezers 50
  3. Leg Up Crunches 50
  4. Seated Leg Raises 50



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