This is the workout for 12-13-2010.

Another all body weight workout! So you can do this at home!

Don’t let the post title fool you. We did more than pushups.

Of course doing 10 reps of each one adds up to a hefty number of 240 total pushups. Not too shabby.

Music: Kid Rock. T-shirt: BCS National Championship.

Warm Up: I’m not really sure if this is a “Warm Up” but it is the first thing we did today.

Pam missed the day we celebrated her one year of JONESERCISE. So we did 365 reps of stuff for the “warm up”.

  1. Mountain Climbers 100
  2. Chair Squats 100
  3. Chair Jump Squats 100
  4. Burpees 65

Next: The pushups. 24 types at 10 reps each. Sound easy…NOT!

  1. Hand Tap
  2. Shoulder Tap
  3. Thigh Tap
  4. Crossed Arms
  5. Legs Cross Over
  6. Elbow to Knee (Spiderman)
  7. Knee to Chest
  8. Knee To Inside
  9. Straight Leg Inside
  10. Straight Leg Outside
  11. Opposite Hand to Foot
  12. Hand Shuffle
  13. Sliding Side to Side
  14. Hopping
  15. Fall From Knees Kick Leg Back
  16. Walkouts
  17. Rotation
  18. Arms Outstretched Overhead
  19. Wide Hands
  20. Cobra
  21. Nose in Diamond
  22. One Leg
  23. Side Plank Push up
  24. Fists Under Chest

Last: Core/Abs

  1. Jackknife 25
  2. Low Side Crunches 25 Each Side
  3. Side Crunches 25 Each Side
  4. Up the Middle Crunches 25
  5. Top 1/3 Leg Raises 25
  6. Top 2/3 Leg Raises 25
  7. Floor to Top Leg Raises 25
  8. Alternate Hand to Foot 25 Each Side




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