This is the workout for 12-18-2010.

The upper body was still in recovery from all the push ups earlier in the week.

The lower body was still screaming from being “lunged to death” the last workout!

What to do, what to do, what to do???

Take the day off? Head over to B. Merrell’s for some Christmas Cheer? Nope…we’ll just keep blasting the body!

Music: Grand Funk Railroad (Black Live Album). T-shirt: Grand Funk Railroad (E Pluribus Funk).

Warm Up: Yes. We actually did one…kinda. Toe hops for 2 minutes. Big time burn!

Next: Might as well hit the legs!

  1. Single Leg Squats 25 Each Leg
  2. Offset Chair Squats 25 Each Leg
  3. Chair Squat Jumps 25
  4. Chair Step Ups 25 Each Leg

Oh yeah! The quad and glutes started to scream louder!

Next: 11 more push up variations. All different than the 24 variations we did last time.

  1. Regular
  2. Hand Hop
  3. Chest Slap
  4. Clapping
  5. Hands At Waist
  6. Shoulder To Hand
  7. Hands At Chest
  8. Wide Hand Wide Feet
  9. Reverse Hands
  10. Full Rotation
  11. Foot To Hand

Next: 50 Burpees. Why? Needed filler.

Remember I like to shoot for an hours worth of work so why not add “just a few” burpees?!

Next: The legs started to feel a little bit neglected again.

So how about a variation on the chair step up we did earlier?

The foot is on the chair. You lift the foot, hit the chair and then step up with the other foot.

Another 25 on each side.

Core/Abs: Just ’cause.

  1. Lemon Squeezers 50
  2. Seated Leg Raises 50
  3. Bent Knee Foot to Hand 50
  4. Alternate Hand to Foot 50


  1. Youy bodyweight routine is killing! Great job, Bill. I love the second video where you show 4 variations of squats, definitely will try it in my today’s workout.

  2. Matt Henderson says:

    Yep. I would have died. : )

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