This was the workout for 12/22/2010

We didn’t stop training. Just running  a few days behind on the posts.

Must be the holidays. That will be my excuse!

Plenty of people showed up for a session close to the BIG day. Probably for a calorie burn to balance the calorie intake!

Music: Disturbed and Twisted Sister. T-Shirt: Stud Muffin!

Warm Up: Yeah we did one!

Both of these were for 25 yards each.

  1. Inchworms with 2 push ups at the layout.
  2. Spiderman Crawl/Push ups.

Next: A nice combination of body weight exercises.

Definitely a way to burn off the holiday cheer!

4 exercises:

Flying Squirrels/Ground Up Push Ups/Squats/Burpees

Start with 20 reps on each exercise then 19 reps on each then 18….all the way to 10 reps.

Not the easiest thing in the world to do.

Next: Exercise Circuit. 13 stations, 30 seconds at each station, maximum reps, 1 cycle

  1. Push up hop on to step
  2. Forward Run Aerobic Step
  3. Vertimax Laterals
  4. Windshield Wipers
  5. Bosu Squat
  6. Squat with ball in front
  7. Squat with ball overhead
  8. Single leg squat/foot behind on chair
  9. Inverted Row
  10. DB Inclines
  11. Jump Rope
  12. Ab Pullins with push up
  13. Step ups


  1. Crunches for 2 songs
  2. Seated Leg Raises for 1 song


  1. Rob Rowsey says:

    Nice site Bill. There are very good workouts here and I am all about the circuit training!

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