This is the workout for Christmas Eve, 12-24-2010.

Thought we would get a morning calorie burn going…mega calories slated for tomorrow!

Some of the exercises are familiar and some combos are new.

I’m always coming up with something new to do. I hate doing the same thing.

Kinda makes me wonder how I did the bodybuilding thing.

A different me at a different time.

Gotta keep the body (and mind) guessing and active!

Music: Classic Rock compilation. T-Shirt: Art of Peace.

Thought Peace should be on the mind of us all…today and always!

First: Agility Ladders. Lower and Upper.

Second: Squat Circuit. 10 Stations, 10 Reps, 2 Cycles

  1. Ball Between the Knees
  2. Ball in Front
  3. Ball Overhead
  4. Toes Up
  5. Air Ex Pads
  6. Bosu Up
  7. Bosu Down
  8. Incline Board
  9. Balance Board
  10. Discs

Third: Push Up/Burpee Circuit. A variety of Push ups with burpees between each station. 5 reps each.

Doesn’t sound like much but we had 8 push ups stations so that means 8 burpee stations.

Sweat Guaranteed.

  1. Regular Push Ups
  2. Ball on the Wall
  3. Air Ex Pads
  4. Bosu Up
  5. Bosu Down
  6. Balance Board
  7. Plyo on Medicine Ball
  8. Discs

Fourth: Push Up/Burpee Combo. 5 reps, 8 stations, 2 cycles

Essentially we did a push up as part of the burpee on different surfaces.

  1. Regular Burpees
  2. Ball on the Wall
  3. Air Ex Pads
  4. Bosu Up
  5. Bosu Down
  6. Balance Board
  7. Medicine Ball
  8. Discs

Fifth: Ball Slam/Burpee/Push Up/Seated Leg Raise Circuit

5 Ball Slams/Burpees/Push Ups at each ball

10 seated leg raises between each ball slam station

And the Video:

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