This is the workout for 12-29-2010.

And the last workout until next year!!

“Sledus Vomitus”…what does that mean?

Who knows? Probably nothing…I just made it up.

Why “Sledus Vomitus”?

We pushed sleds and I felt like I would hurl…eventually.

Music: Queen. T-Shirt: Peanuts (Snoopy) Holiday T-shirt (Thank again Mom!).

The Set Up: We pushed sleds for 25 yards. Weight would be added every other trip.

Once we hit the maximum that would fit on the sled we started to work our way back down.

Everyone made 16 trips total…”Sledus Vomitus”.

The girls started with 50 pounds and worked up to 125 pounds.

The guys started with 65 pounds and worked up to 205 pounds.

Just about everyone ended up pushing more than they weighed.

This set up was the whole workout except the core/ab stuff.

And it was more than enough!


  1. Alternate Hand to Foot 25 Each Side
  2. Crunches 50
  3. Leg Raises 50
  4. Knee to Elbow 25 Each Side
  5. Seated Leg Raises 50

And the video:



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