This is the 3rd workout of the year, 1-8-2011.

Sometimes it’s tough to get going on early cold Saturday mornings.

This was one of those.

Once we got going the workout became one of the best this year.

But hey…we are only 3 workouts into this year.

A lot of what we do is conditioning. And today was like no other…never is.

We did a few things we’ve never done before. Interesting things happen when you explore the unknown!

Music: Funkadelic: One Nation Under A Groove.

T-Shirt: Rolling Stone.

First: Agility Ladders

There are tons of drill to do with the ladders.

We did a few for the lower and upper body.

Second: Leg Smashing Time

  1. Single Leg Chair Squats, 50 Each Leg
  2. Chair Squats, 100
  3. Chair Jump Squats, 50

Big Time Burn!!

Third: Tabata Style Cardio

Toe Taps on a mat table.

Moving as quickly as possible for 20 seconds and then taking a 10 second “break”.

How many? 8 Cycles…Lung bursting!

Since we were at the table we threw in 2 sets of 10 burpees jumping onto the table.

Tough after all the leg stuff already but what the heck!

Fourth: Hurdle Hops and Sprints

We set up a hurdle hopping drill and then a sprint for 25 yards.We did this 6 times.

We followed that up with lateral hopping drill with the same sprint distance for another 6 times.

Sixth: Core/Ab Stuff

  1. Sprinter Sit Up 25 Each Side
  2. Lemon Squeezers 25
  3. Lemon Squeezers with clap under the knees 25
  4. Single Leg Lemon Squeezers with clap under the knees 25 each side
  5. Leg Raises with clap behind the knee, 25 each side





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