9th workout of the year, 1/22/2011.

It’s a cold Saturday morning.

Joints and muscle just didn’t want to comply with my brain.

Too bad…the brain won.

Today is a birthday bodyweight blasting day. Alas the birthday girl is absent. So we suffered without her. We’ll have to do another “48” day for her.

Like some of our other body weight days this can be done by anyone anywhere. How is that for a challenge? Betcha no one takes me up on that!

Music: REM and The Beatles. T-shirt: Some random, clean MMA thing.


Walkout Push Up/Burpee Combo 48 Each

Prisoner Squat/Knee to Elbow/Burpee Combo 48 Each

Jump Squat/Burpee Combo 48 Each

Rep total:

  • Push Ups 48
  • Prisoner Squats 96
  • Jump Squats 48
  • Burpees 144


Long Lunges 48 each side

Short Lunges 48 each side

Total Lunges: 192


Isometric Squat Holds 48 Seconds Each

  • Rock bottom
  • Upper
  • Parallel

Fourth: Core/Abs

  1. Crunches with Legs Up 50
  2. Crunches with one leg up/one leg straight 50 Each Side
  3. Figure 4 Crunches 50 Each Side
  4. Knee to Elbows 50

Total reps: 300

And the video:


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