10th workout of the year, 1/24/2011.

Jack LaLanne, the great fitness icon passed away Sunday at 96 years of age. Many people know him as the old guy with the juicing machine.

He was much more than that.

He was a real role model to millions.

He was an original.

Last year I decided to do a tribute to him with a “chair workouts” as he sometimes utilized chairs as a simple exercise tool.

I repeated the chair workout a few months later…and made it harder.

Today we did another chair workout.

And with total respect to the man that inspired the workout…this one is the hardest.

The Jack LaLanne Mega Extreme Chair Workout Chair Challenge…I dare you to do it!

20 Exercises, 4 cycles, 112 total sets, 1640 total reps

  1. Incline Push-ups 15
  2. One Leg Squats 20 Each Side
  3. Decline Push-ups 15
  4. One Leg Squats/Leg On Chair 20 Each Side
  5. Chair Burpees 10
  6. Decline Push Up Hops 10
  7. Triceps Dips 15
  8. One Leg Toe Hops/leg On Chair 20 Each Side
  9. Step-ups 10 Each Side
  10. 90/90 Chair Crunches 15
  11. Hip Bridge 15
  12. Chair Squats 20
  13. Chair Jump Squats 10
  14. Side Crunches 10 Each Side
  15. Quick Leg Swings Chair 10 Each Side
  16. Leg Raises 15
  17. Lemon squeezers 20
  18. 1 Leg Hip Bridge 10 Each Side
  19. Chair Toe Taps 10 Each Side
  20. Chair Lunge 15 Each Side

The Video:

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  4. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    Wow! Just found this site. Anyone die after this?
    I remember seeing Jack on b&w TV in the late 50’s when i lived in Sydney
    An inspirational and great man.
    I must add some of these exercises to my exercise routine.Thanks.

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