12th workout of the year, 1/29/2011.

Music: Black Sabbath and Van Halen. T-shirt: Auburn University National Champions…football that is.

Saturday morning. I thought it was going to be a small class today but people started trickling in slowly. Some of us are still recovering from all the running and leg work we did last time.

What better time to blast the legs again?!

First: Agility Ladders

We just did several drills for the lower and upper.

Gets the heart pumping and blood flowing!

Second: Chair Lunges 50 reps each leg.

Gives some action to the thighs as well as a stretch.

Third: Ball/Wall Squat Jumps. 9 balls, 20 jumps total with each ball.

Simple little exercise that will hit the thighs and glutes. Oh yeah the lungs as well!

You squat down. You pick up a ball. You jump and tap it against the wall. You squat down and put the ball down. You jump up and tap the wall with your hands. Then you repeat the process 19 more times before going to the next ball.


Fourth: Four Beastly things to do to your legs.

  1. Long Lunges 50 Each Leg
  2. Prisoner Squats with Knee to Elbow 50
  3. One Leg Squats 50 Each Leg
  4. Chair Squats 100

I still feel the burn!

Fifth: Top the day off with some Medicine Ball Core/Ab stuff

  1. Sit up and Side to side, 5 reps and pass the ball to the right
  2. Leg Raises with Ball in hands with extended arms, 10 reps and pass the ball to the right





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