13th Workout of the year, 1/31/2011.

Music: NIN.  T-shirt: Just a random MMA shirt.

Everyone that was at the last workout was still feeling it.

I actually thought about doing the exact same workout today. Sure it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do but what the heck.

However two things changed my mind. I like the fact that we have been doing this stuff for a couple of years without any workouts being the same. Second there were some “new” things that popped in my mind that I wanted to try out. You know to see if they were JONESERCISE worthy…they were.

Warm Up: Agility Ladders

The legs were really stiff so we did the ladders again. They are always a good way to get the blood flowing and get the kinks worked out.

Next: Jump Up/Jump Out Drills

Simple exercise that can be done just about anywhere.

You simply jump up as high as you can then you jump forward as far as you can.

We did this for 100 yards. Doesn’t seem like much but you will be breathing hard after this one!

Next: Chair Squat with Plate Press

Set One: 100 Reps

Set Two: 50 Reps

Nice exercise to hit the upper and lower body at the same time. You pick a plate. We used 45s, 35s or 25s…depending upon the persons strength and experience level.

This definitely worked. We’ll be doing this “new” thing again and probably with some other variations! Can’t wait!

Next: Push Up variations. 10 reps each. Doesn’t look like much but remember that adds up to 100 reps!

  1. Hand Tap
  2. Shoulder Tap
  3. Foot Tap
  4. Whole Body Hop
  5. Walkouts
  6. Rotation
  7. Cobra
  8. Wide
  9. Nose in Diamond
  10. Ground Up

Next: Shoulder Burns: 23 Movements. 30 sec each movement. Max Reps.

  1. Overhead Press
  2. Small circles forward
  3. Small circles backward
  4. Pinches up
  5. Pinches down
  6. Shoulder Abduction Bottom 1/3
  7. Wrist curls up
  8. Shoulder Abduction Middle 1/3
  9. Wrist curls down
  10. Shoulder Abduction Top 1/3
  11. Wrist curls sideways
  12. Full Shoulder Abduction
  13. External/Internal rotation
  14. Bent elbows front
  15. Bent elbows overhead
  16. Straight arm front palms down Swinging sideways
  17. Straight arm front palms up Swinging sideways
  18. Straight arm front palms down up and down
  19. Straight arm front palms up – up and down
  20. Push aways
  21. Shoulder “Ys”
  22. Shoulder “Ts”
  23. Clap overhead

Followed by 25 ground up push ups

Finally: Core/Abs

  1. Hip ups 50
  2. Full Leg Raises 50
  3. Crunches with Legs Up 50


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