26th workout of the year, 3/2/2011.

Music: Rolling Stones. T-Shirt: Rolling Stones

Not a “politically correct” post title. Never planned it to be. It is what it is. Like I said before “suicides” have been a traditional drill in athletics that’s what we did and that is what the title shall be.

We’ve done an all suicide drill workout before but not like this one. Our track is about 25 yards long so we divided that up x 3.

Yep it was tough. It always feels good to know that no matter how tough the workout is…it’s only a workout…only a number.

No reason to whine, complain, bitch…cause we’re gonna to it anyway.

Crazy? Maybe.

Intense? Absolutely!

First: Sled Suicides

Get a sled.

Put a 45 or 25 pound plate on it. Push the sled as quick as you can.

Second: Monster Hops Forward With Theraband

You get the strongest theraband that theraband makes: Gold. You make a loop and tie it off. Put it around your ankles and take off.

The hopping is bad enough but having to keep tension on the band…well that just adds more fuel to the fire!

Third: Monster Hops Backward With Theraband

The same as #2 but going backward. A whole different dynamic!!

Fourth: Monster Hops Sideways With Theraband

I guess you could say this was the same as #2 but going sideways. There I said it!

Fifth: Backpedal/Forward Suicide

All done with the theraband work. Now just a “regular type” suicide. We still have a little catch here. You’ll backpedal first then sprint forward. The legs were really feeling a bit odd after doing everything with the bands.

Sixth: Sideways Suicides

Like the sideways theraband suicides but without the theraband!

Seventh: Furniture Slide Suicides

Lowe’s has furniture slides for about 10 bucks. After you get some do this: bend over put your hands on the slides and take off!

Yep pretty simple and on the rails for the Vomit Express!

Eighth: Core/Abs

Just for the heck of it.

  1. Crunches 100
  2. Leg Raises 100
  3. Seated Leg Raises 100


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