29th workout of the year, 3/9/2011.

Music: Classic Rock, Mix by Randy. T-Shirt: Redemption.

So the circuit training we did the last time wasn’t as devastating as I thought it would be.

Sometimes that’s just the way things go. Not that it was a bad workout. Noooo. We don’t have those. We just have some that are more intense than others.

So today we started out doing some medicine ball core/ab work. It doesn’t look like a lot of work in writing but believe me there’s a bunch of ball reps in this workout!

I didn’t realize that we would do core stuff the entire time…which means I still have a cunning plan for the next workout!

First: Medicine Ball Core/Ab Stuff

We had 10 Medicine Balls of different weights from 4 to 12 pounds. After using each ball we passed it to the right. So yes…we did the moves with all 10 balls.

  1. Sit Up/Twists 5 reps each ball
  2. Leg Raises with ball in one hand extended 5 reps each arm
  3. Leg Raises with ball over chest 5 reps each arm

Second: More Med Ball Stuff

Same 10 Balls.

  1. Seated Leg Raises Ball In Hand 5 Reps Each Side
  2. Seated Leg Raises Ball Overhead 5 Reps Each Side
  3. Seated Leg Raises Ball Press Overhead 5 Reps Each Side
  4. Sit Ups Pass Ball Under Knees 5 Reps Each Side
  5. Sit Ups Pass Ball Between Knees 5 Reps

Third: More Core/Abs Stuff

  1. Bridges 7 Minutes: Up For 15 Sec / Down for 1 Sec
  2. Alternate Hand To Foot 25 Each Side
  3. Reverse Crunches 50



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