31st  workout of the year, 3/16/2011.

Music: Rammstein. T-Shirt: Late Night with Tony Robbins.

There were not a lot of sore bodies from the last workout.

Not a bad thing. That’s what getting in condition is all about.

Today is back to simplicity: No fancy equipment needed.

The entire workout can be done at home without anything…other than a chair for just a few exercises.

Guaranteed to make you burn and sweat!

Today: 14 Different Bodyweight Leg Exercises with 25 Ground Up/Clap Behind Back Push Ups After Each Leg Exercise.

22 Sets For Legs + 14 Push Up Sets = 36 Sets

650 Leg Reps + 350 Push Up Reps = 1000 Reps Total

  1. Chair Lunges 25 Each Leg
  2. Lunge Hops 25 Each Leg
  3. Short Lunges 25 Each Leg
  4. Single Leg Squats 25 Each Leg
  5. Chair Step Ups 25 Each Leg
  6. Long Lunges 25 Each Leg
  7. Chair Squat Jumps 25
  8. Chair Squats 25
  9. Offset Chair Squats 25 Each Leg
  10. Prisoner Squats Knee To Elbow 25 Each Leg
  11. Feet Together Squats 25
  12. Bottoms Up Squats 25
  13. Wide Squats 25
  14. Gorilla Squats 25

This is another workout that looks tame on paper.

Again…as before…it isn’t. And all you have to do is try this at home. Come on now. Do it. I dare ya.

I double dog dare ya!



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