32nd workout of the year, 3/19/2011.

Music: Marilyn Manson. T-Shirt: Ironman.

Mega sore from the last workout!

Epically Awesome…that is until you have to sit on the toilet, get out of a chair/car or climb stairs.

Overall conditioning is on the agenda today.

First: Medicine Ball Core/Ab

This exercise is tough…especially the more balls you use.

8 Medicine Balls

Sit Up Pass Ball Under Knees

5 Reps Left/Right

Second: 7 Minute Push Up Routine

Oh yeah. Developing a love/hate relationship with this one. Excellent core/stability exercise.

Hold Top Position Then

1 Push Up Every 15 Seconds for 7 Minutes

Third: Mega Conditioning Circuit

5 Different Exercises For 5 Cycles

Walkout Push Ups 10 (Total 50)

Squats 20 (Total 100)

Burpees 10 (Total 50)

Cobra Push Ups 10 (Total 50)

2 Move Ball Slams 5 (Total Slams 50)

Finishers: Sprints

10 – 10 Yard Sprints

4 – “Rolling” 10 Yard Sprints



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