35th workout of the year, 4/2/2011.

Music: Soundgarden. T-Shirt: Ft.Walton Beach!

So we got a bit sore from the one arm DB complex workout the other day. So why not to another type of a complex.

Enter The Death Drill.

We’ve done a variety of these kind of things in the past. We called them “Ultimates” then “Ultimate Ultimates” then finally the Death Drill.

Today was the Ultimate Death Drill 2!

But first: Medicine Ball Core/Ab stuff with 8 ball of various weights 

  1. Sit Up/Twists 5 Reps then pass the ball to the right
  2. Leg Raises with arms extended 10 reps then pass the ball to the right
  3. Feet to the ceiling, ball to each foot 5 reps each side then pass the ball to the right
  4. Sit Up pass the ball under the knees 5 reps each side then pass the ball to the right

Next: The Ultimate Death Drill Dumbbell Complex 2

Get a set of dumbbells that will be uncomfortable to work with. Again I said uncomfortable!

There are 20 movements and that will equal 1 set. We did 4 sets.

  1. Long Lunge
  2. Short Lunge
  3. Controlled Squat
  4. Sprawl
  5. Push Up
  6. Push Up Position DB Row
  7. Push Up Position DB Reach Across
  8. Floor Press
  9. Bridge Press
  10. Bridge DB Reach Back
  11. Triceps Extension
  12. Sit Up
  13. Jump
  14. Curl
  15. Upright Row
  16. Front Lateral
  17. Side Lateral
  18. Overhead Press
  19. Unsupported DB Row
  20. Stiff Leg Deadlift

Next: We still had some time to burn.

Inchworms with 2 push ups at the layout 25 Yards

Broad jump with 10 squats at each landing 25 Yards

Next: Crap we still have some more time!

“Tabata Style” Push Up Drill

You do a maximum amount of reps for 20 seconds then a 10 sec break

8 cycles


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