36th workout of the year, 4/4/2011.

Music: Metallica. T-Shirt: Superman.

Great workouts so far this year (although I can’t beleive April is already here!).

The Death Drill was tough but I think we’ll make it tougher next time…lengthen the duration so to speak. But that’s for later.

Warm Up: Yep we occasionally do warm ups.

Long Lunges for 25 Yards

High Straight Leg Kicks 25 Yards

Next: A Posterior Chain Exercise Circuit

11 Stations, 30 Seconds at each station for Max Reps, 2 Cycles

  1. Weighted Bridge
  2. Flying Squirrel
  3. Bench Bridge
  4. Wall Sit with Straight Leg Raises
  5. Chair Step Ups
  6. Static Hold Bridge
  7. Plate Pullthoughs
  8. Wide Squats
  9. Toes Up Squats
  10. Reverse Leg Raises on Ball
  11. Hamstring Ball Pullins

Next: Get your Birthday (47) Present Here!

Sit Up/Sprawl/Push Up 47 Reps

Burpee With Push Up 47

And for kicks 20 more burpees with ground up push ups.

Finally: Core/Abs Stuff

“Tabata Style” Crunches and Leg Raises

You do a maximum amount of reps for 20 seconds then a 10 sec break

8 cycles



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