39th workout of the year, 4/11/2011.

Music: The Offspring and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. T-Shirt: Fudpuckers.

The soreness from the last workout finally left. So what can we do to raise the bar again?

Well today the magic number is 44. Yep another birthday. So should we do a lot of things for 44 reps?


How bout multiples of 44? Yeah…that sounds more like it.

Today was one of the most simple yet effective body weight conditioning workouts we’ve done.

3 exercises.

Only 3?

Only 3!

How many reps?

Let’s keep them on the low side. Say only 10 reps per exercise.

I can hear it now, “I thought this was going to be tough?”

Only 10 reps?

Yep 10 reps for each exercise.

The catch? There’s gotta be a catch!

Well you gotta do 44 sets.

That adds up to a total of:

440 Squats

440 Push Ups

440 Burpees

1320 Total Reps.

I think that will be enough to celebrate a 44th birthday!

Video: You’d think this would be short. It could have been. I was playing around with it so it’s much longer than expected.


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