40th workout of the year, 4/13/2011.

Music: The B-52s. T-Shirt: Green Eggs and Ham.

The hamstrings have been screaming since the last workout…at least for me. Probably from how I did the burpees. It seems that everyone got sore but just in different places and different intensities.

One thing everyone got last time: Exhausted!

Since the last workout was all bodyweight I think we’ll do one that’s all weights. Why not?

Time to bring out the dumbbells again. Yep it’s Dumbbell Ladder time again!

We’ve done these on occasion but not to this extent.

We got 13 sets of Dumbbell out…5’s to 65’s.

We did 5 reps on every dumbbell for every exercise.

If someone couldn’t make it up to the 65’s they just stayed at the heaviest they could handle for the remaining sets.

Warm Up? Well not formally but I guess you could call the light dumbbells the warm up sets.

The Exercises:

Push Press – Pick the weights up to the shoulders and push the dumbbells overhead using your entire body.

Squat – Simply squat down and pick up the dumbbells. Then repeat…for 13 sets of 5.

DB Curls – Using the same dumbbells start with the 5’s and go as heavy as you can. This can get tough!

Triceps DB Extension – The biceps are fried so time to hit the other side of the arms: Triceps!

DB Unsupported Row – Bend over and pull the weights off the floor. Try to keep the back straight.

Long Lunge – While holding the dumbbells try to lunge with all 13 sets of dumbbells, 5 reps each leg.

Stiff Legged Deadlift – Try to keep your back and legs straight while bending over and picking up the weights.

This workout hit everything!

Since you don’t rest a lot you also get a bit of a cardio effect.

Video: You’d think this would be short. It could have been. I was playing around with it so it’s much longer than expected.


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