42nd workout of the year, 4/18/2011.

Music: Seether and The B52s. T-Shirt: The Mighty Thor.

Another birthday in the JONESERCISE group.

Birthday: 30.

Problem: Easy birthday as far as potential reps go…only 30.

Solution: 4 Exercises. 30 Reps Each…15 Minutes Each Exercise.

The Catch: The way the exercises are done.

The End Result: Devastating.

First: Push Ups

Sounds simple. We did 30 Push Ups…but we did one every 30 seconds.

The “rest” period was in the “up” position.

This really hits the shoulders, triceps and core.

Second: Bridges

Since the body just got hit from the “front” (at least it felt that way to me) it was now time to attack the back.

We held the bridge position with toes up for 30 seconds then came down for a second break.

We did 30 of these.

This hit the core, glutes, quads and front of the calves.

Helova burn

Third: Sit Ups

Seems like the core is really getting hit today…big time!

We did a sit up and came back to a tension point in the abs.

As time went on the hip flexors and quads got hit as well.

We did 30.

Last: Planks

You’d think this might be kinda easy. But things around here never are.

And if they are we don’t do them again.

That’s just the way it is.

The planks were really hard since the core was melting.

We held the plank position for 30 seconds then down and up again.

Not a lot of fun.



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