45th workout of the year, 4/27/2011.

Music: Pure Funk. T-Shirt: Black. Yep…just a plain black t-shirt.

So what is this about the birthdays? There have been more than a few the past couple of months.

Today is to celebrate one of the youngest. He turned 25.

Only 25!

How am I gonna make a “25” workout that is worth doing?

Not to worry.

I came up with one.

10 Exercises. All done for 4 sets…of…25 Reps!

Doesn’t sound too devastating but like a lot of other workouts…this was much harder to do than it looked on paper.

The Workout:

Toe Hops 4 x 25 Seconds

Bottoms Up Squats 4 x 25

Rock Bottom Squats 4 x 25

Parallel Chair Squat Jumps 4 x 25

Ground Up Push Ups 4 x 25

¼ Squat Jumps 4 x 25

Chair Squats 4 x 25

Burpees 4 x 25

Single Leg Squats 4 x 25

Sit Ups Fingers To Wall 4 x 25


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