47th workout of the year, 5/2/2011.

Music: Metallica. T-Shirt: Spiderman.

Everyone was talking about how the last workout hit the core…all in different places. Very cool.

The goal today: Sweat.

I had a plan like I did the last time. I just kinda stepped away from it.

I’ll come back to it again later. Besides every workout we do is different. Boredom is not available!

First: Agility Ladder

Several drills to get the blood flowing.

Second: Monster Walk

Regular 50 Yards

Rotation 50 Yards

Third: Bridge With T-Band

1 Rep Every 30 Seconds

For 7 Minutes

Yes…this burns.

Fourth: Monster Walk (Again)

This time with straight posture.

Another 50 Yards

Fifth: Squats w/T-Band

You gotta keep the tension on the band.

4 sets 25 Reps

Sixth: Squat Isometric Holds

Yep…with the T-Band!

30 Second Hold


Seventh: Lunges

Still got the bands on!

Forward for 50 Yards

Backward for 50 Yards

Eighth: Ground Up Push Ups

10 Sets of 10 Reps

This isn’t on the video…I forgot to turn on the camera!

Ninth: Core/Abs

Knees to Elbows 50

Side Crunch 25 Each Side

Another Side Crunch Variation 25 Each Side

Push Up every 15 seconds for 2 minutes. “Rest” at the top position.

That would be quite enough for the day.

Sweatavus…for all of us!



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