60th workout of the year, 6/8/2011.

Music: The Who and Classic Rock Mix. T-Shirt: The Who.

Everyone was tapped after the last workout which was all body weight. So I think we’ll do something even harder and longer (that’s what s……..).

We did this type of workout a few times in the past. This workout was inspired by Jack LaLanne.

All body weight using only one tool.

A chair.

Usually we workout for about an hour give or take a few minutes. This one took about 65 or 70 minutes.

Warm Up:

No…again not today.

The workout:

20 Exercises, 4 cycles, 116 total sets, 1860 total reps

Decline Push Ups 15

Chair Lunge 25 Each Side

One Leg Squats 25 Each Side

Incline Push-ups 15

One Leg Squats/Leg On Chair 25 Each Side

Chair Burpees 10

90/90 Chair Crunches 25

Decline Push Up Hops 10

Step Ups 15 Each Side

Triceps Dips 15

One Leg Toe Hops/Leg On Chair 25 Each Side

Hip Bridge 15

Chair Squats 25

Chair Jump Squats 15

Side Crunches 15 Each Side

Quick Leg Swings Chair 10 Each Side

Leg Raises 25

Lemon squeezers 25

1 Leg Hip Bridge 10 Each Side

Chair Toe Taps 10 Each Side




You got to be kidding me!


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