64th workout of the year, 6/18/2011.

Music: Classic Rock Mix. T-Shirt: Crusin’ for Cooks.

Keeping up with this stuff so far?

Remember don’t do this. It’s for entertainment purposes only!

Of course if you really want to join in the entertainment…

Then go right ahead!


Have you ever had a day that you just wanted…to do burpees?

You know…you had a dream about them. Then after waking up in a puddle of sweat you decided you just had to do them.

You not only had to do them but you had to do them with a bunch of freinds.

No? Never had those thoughts? Well too bad…

Today will be an all burpee day!!

The All Burpee Workout:

4 Cycles.

10 Reps for the first cycle. 7 Reps for the second cycle. 5 Reps for the third cycle. 3 Reps for the fourth cycle.

  1. Burpees
  2. Burpees On Ball
  3. Burpees Shoot Feet Onto a Chair
  4. Burpees With Push Up
  5. Burpees With Full Jump Squat
  6. Burpees With Push Up On Ball
  7. Burpees With Twist Jump
  8. Burpees With Hand to Foot Push Ups
  9. Burpees With Jump Lunge
  10. Burpees With Rotational Push Ups


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