63rd workout of the year, 6/15/2011.

Music: Reel Big Fish. T-Shirt: B. Merrells.

The Birthday Bash was tough!

Time to do something different …again!!

Warm Up:

No. Here we go again…another day without a formal warm up. Again the workout does start with lower intensity and works up.

The Workout: Part 1


We pushed them. Started off with one plate then adding another with each 25 yard push. After we got up to 4 plate on the sled we started to strip the sled down by one plate for every 25 yards.

This can be brutal. Pushing is harder than pulling. And pushing low is harder than pushing something a bit higher.

Not fun. But we did it anyway.

7 runs total.

The Workout: Part 2

Burpee Ball Drill

Do a Burpee over a ball. Then pick up the ball and push it overhead with the jump.

3 Cycles with a bunch o balls. 3 Reps/2 Reps/1 Rep

The Workout: Part 3

Burpees and Low Hurdles

Do a burpee before and after you jump over each hurdle.

Oh this one is loads of fun. NOT!


Core/Abs Stuff

Crunches 50

Leg Raises 50

Bridge Holds (7 min down every 30 seconds)



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