66th workout of the year, 6/22/2011.

Music: Seether. T-Shirt: Yeah. I’ve got a few of these. Order yourself some wing sauce from B. Merrells.

OK. The “All Burpee” workout didn’t kill us.

The “All Ball” workout didn’t either.

Maybe we should have a “recovery” day.

I think not!

43 is the magic number today as another year passes for a fellow JONESERCISER.

And like before  it was tough.

That brings us to the birthday workout.

There is a hill on near the workout place. It has steps. That gave me an idea.


25 steps uphill.

How many times?

43 sounds about right!

Not too pleasant on a hot Georgia day!

Second: Mega Circuit

19 stations, 30 Seconds each  for Max Reps

I thought I had 20 or more stations. I couldn’t find them on the video. Oh well. There will be a next time!

We were going to do 2 cycles but time was running out and there was some other things to knock out on this birthday celebration so we only did one cycle…but it was a bitch!

  1. Inverted Row
  2. DB Incline Press
  3. Vertimax Laterals
  4. Plate Upright Row
  5. Ab Pullins on Slide Board
  6. BB Curls
  7. Ball On The Wall Push Ups
  8. Chair Step Ups
  9. Forward Run On Step
  10. Jump Rope
  11. Lateral Step Hops
  12. Static Bridge
  13. Push Ups Feet Elevated
  14. Windshield Wipers
  15. Ball Hamstring Pullins
  16. Squats Toes Up
  17. Front Plate Raises
  18. Chair Dips
  19. Incline Board Squats

Finisher: Furniture Slide Sprints

These are tough. Sometimes I think I’d rather be doing burpees!

We did 3 sets of 50 Yards. Check out the video. Doesn’t look too hard. Until you try it!



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