65th workout of the year, 6/20/2011.

Music: Creed. T-Shirt: B. Merrells World Beer Tour (shhh…ya can’t just buy this shirt…ya gotta earn it). Check out the beer menu.

So what do you do after a workout that has nothing but burpees?

How about a workout with nothing but balls!!

We’ve done something similar in the past. But it’s been awhile.

So bring on the balls!!

  • 10 Balls of various weights were used.
  • One cycle of each exercise.

Ball Slams On Knees 3 Slams

Ball Slams On Toes 3 Slams

Jumping Ball Slams 3 Slams

Twists and Jump Ball Slams 3 Slams

Sprawl Knee to Ball Ball Slams 3 Slams

Push Up On Ball Ball Slams 3 Push Ups Each Ball, 3 Slams

Cobra Push Up Ball Slams 3 Push Ups, 1 Slam Each Ball

Ball Overhead Squats/Ball Slams 10 Squats 1 Slam Each Ball

Doesn’t sound like much but it was one hellava workout!


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