67th  workout of the year, 6/25/2011.

Music: Pandora via Blackberry (Zombie/Manson kinda stuff). T-Shirt: I’m Huge In Japan.

Today I kinda have to “wing it”. And I’m not talking about B.Merrells’ wings!

I get to the place early and find the power is out. The weird thing is some lights worked and others didn’t. However anything that was plugged into the wall didn’t work at all.

That meant no stereo. THNX to Chris for the Pandora idea. Reminded me of AM radio.

The power did eventually come back on. The alarm went off and we got a visit from the police. Fun times!

I call today’s exercise regimen the Hundreds Workout.


The obvious is that we did 100 reps on everything.

Not so obvious is my lack of creative ability to come up with post titles.

Actually that is obvious.

Warm Up:

No. Not today. We’ll just launch right into it.

The Workout:

11 Exercises. 100 Reps Each.

Plate Squats 100

Plate Crunches 100

Seated Leg Raises 100

Plate Overhead Leg Raises 100

Plate Press w/Leg Raises 100

Plate Twists 100

Lemon Squeezers 100

Seated Plate Front Raises 100

Plate Overhead Lemon Squeezers 100

Plate/Squat Upright Rows 100

Single Leg Squats 100



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