68th Workout of the year, 6/27/2011.

Music: Days Of The New. T-Shirt: MMA Elite.

A total conditioning day.

We did some moves we hadn’t done in awhile.

There are so many conditioning drills out there no one should ever have a boring work out.

Ours are never boring. We’re always looking to do something else!

On paper this looks short…maybe even “easy”.

Don’t kid yourself…it wasn’t!

The Workout:

Inchworms 2 x 25 Yards

Spiderman Crawl 2 x 25 Yards

Rotation Push Ups 2 x 25 Yards

With/Without Ball Squat Jumps

  • 11 Balls, 10 Reps Each Ball


10 Balls Various Weights

Sit Up/Twist 5 Reps Each Ball

Leg Raises Arms Extended 10 Reps Each Ball

Ball To Feet 5 Reps Each Ball

Ball In One Hand Crunch 5 Reps Each Hand For Each Ball

Ball Up The Middle Crunch 10 Reps Each Ball



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