73rd workout of the year, 7/13/2011.

Music: Deep Purple. T-Shirt: Magnum (the ice cream not the other thing).

Still some residual soreness. But not so much from the circuit training last time but still from the core/ab stuff from several days ago!

So time for something different. It looks short in writing but it was a big time sweat producer!

First: Core/Abs

11 Medicine Balls

Sit Up/Twist 5 Reps Pass the ball to the right

Crunch Ball In One Hand 5 Reps each hand then pass to the right

Leg Raises Ball In One Hand Arm Extended 5 Reps in each hand then pass to the right

Second: Push Up Position Walking

Over 11 Medicine Balls

With Push Up Between Each Ball

2 Cycles

Push Up on the balls

2 Cycles

Third: Ball Slam/Weighted Jump Rope Circuit

30 Second Max Reps, 11 Stations

Fourth: Ball Slam/Burpee Circuit

3 Ball Slams/5 Burpees

11 Balls

Fifth: Burpee With Push Up On Ball

11 Balls, 2 Reps Each Ball

Finisher: Furniture Slide Suicides

2 of them. Yep TWO!



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