79th workout of the year, 7/30/2011.

Music: ZZ Top. T-Shirt: Every Day Is Training Day.

Kind of a slow starting Saturday morning.

Picked up speed.

Did some things we’ve never done before.

Always good! No boredom here!


Core/Abs With Medicine Balls

Sit Up/Twist 5 Reps Each Ball

Ball To Feet Crunch 10 Reps Each Ball

Ball To Feet V-Sit Up  5 Reps Each Ball

4 Count Ball Crunch Legs Up 5 Each Ball

Ball To Foot Bent Knee 5 Reps Each Side Each Ball


Single Leg Squats

50 Each Leg

And Then:

Kick Overs (for lack of a better name)

25 Reps Each Leg




After That:

Squat Thrust and Plate Press

3 x 10


Prisoner Squat To Front Lunge

25 Each Side


Push Up Leg Kick Out 10

Rotation Push Up With Leg Kick Out 10


  1. makais says:

    do the medicine balls work well for you?

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