A Bunch of Different Stuff

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, High Intensity, Push ups
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84th workout of the year, 8/10/2011.

Music: Grand Funk Railroad. T-Shirt: MMA Elite.

This workout is completely chaotic. We did something like this before.

Actually more than once.

A bunch of different things going on just like the title of the post says.

Worked for us!

In The Beginning: Agility Ladder Drills

There are tons of different drills to do.

We just started with these today.

Maybe we’ll do them last one of these days.

Next: A Sit Up of a Different Nature

Get Up Sit Ups 10

You do a sit up and try to stand without using yours hands.

Sound simple? Try it. Some will get it…some won’t.

Third: Just for Kicks

High Rising Kicks 50 Yards

Outside In Kicks 25 Yards

Inside Out Kicks 25 Yards

Fourth: Get Off The Floor

Lay Down and get up without using hands 10 times.

Another little thing that a lot of people can’t do…but should be able to.

And Now For Something Different:

Knee Pop Ups 10

Short Lunge Hops 10

Lunge Jumps 10

Push Up Position to Squat 10

Just check out the video for these.

Sixth: Push Ups of a Different Breed

Do 1 Push Up Every 15 Seconds for 5 minutes.

The catch? The “rest” period is the up position.

Yeah sounds simple…it isn’t.

What the Heck?

“Suicide Drill” forward hopping with gold theraband around the ankles.

Was not fun!

Odd Core:

Superman Ball Taps 10 reps Ball 2 cycles

Prone Heel Taps 5 x 20

Supine Heel Taps 5 x 20



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