85th workout of the year, 8/15/2011.

Music: Hits of 1972 and 1973. T-Shirt: Synergy Athletics.

We get inspiration from a number of places.

Today’s workout was inspired by a blog post and video I saw on Joe Hashey’s website.

He had a variety of “woodchopping” exercises on a video.

While it was great I went ahead and added a few more.

Devastating it was.

First: Agility Ladder Drills

As usual just to get some blood flowing.

Second: Plate Complex

Part 1

5 Reps Each Side of Each Exercise In Order:

Bulgarian Squats W/Woodchoppers

Bulgarian Squat Position W/Woodchoppers

Reverse Lunge W/Woodchoppers

Reverse Lunge Position W/Woodchoppers

Squats W/Woodchoppers


Forward Lunge W/Woodchoppers

Forward Lunge Position W/Woodchoppers

Short Lunge W/Woodchoppers

Short Lunge Position W/Woodchoppers

Chair Step Ups W/Woodchoppers


Narrow Squats W/Woodchoppers


Wide Squats W/Woodchoppers


Third: More Plate Stuff On The Floor

Plate Complex Part 2

  1. Sit Up – Plate L to R, 5 Reps Each Side
  2. Plate Sit Up 10
  3. Leg Raises Extended Arms 20
  4. Plate Overhead Lemon Squeezers 20
  5. Plate to Feet 20
  6. Plate Overhead Seated Leg Raises 20
  7. Plate Crunches 10
  8. Reverse Crunch Plate Overhead 25
  9. Hip Ups Plate Overhead 25
  10. Seated Legs Up Plate Twists 10 Each Side
  11. One Leg Bridge Plate Overhead 20 Each Side



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