All Push Up Workout

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Body Weight, Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, fitness, High Intensity, Push ups
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90th workout of the year, 8/27/2011.

Music: Hits from 1968. T-Shirt: Captain America.

Couldn’t believe it but we still had some residual soreness from six days ago.

So I decided to leave the legs completely out of the picture.

It may not have been a good decision.

So today was just a bunch of push ups. I mean a boat load.

Nothing but…well except for the agility ladders to wake up…oh and the stretching at the end. But the stretching is optional…actually the workouts are always optional.

Except for me…I have to be there.

So here we go!

First: Agility Ladder Drills

Yep did them again to get the blood flowing and to wake up on a Saturday morning.

Second:Variety of Plyo Push Ups

10 Reps Each

You leave the ground (or try to) on all of these. There is a reason to do these early in the workout…cause you won’t be able to at the end!



Wide Hopping Push Ups

Regular Position Hopping Push Ups

Whole Body Hopping Push Ups

Third: A Bunch of Push Ups on a Table

10 Reps Each

Incline Push Ups Top 1/4

Incline Push Ups Bottom 1/4

Full Incline Push Ups

Decline Push Ups

Fourth: More Push Ups on the Floor

10 Reps Each

Regular Hand Placement

Wide Hand Placement

Midsection Hand Placement

Fists Under Chest



Forward/Back Hand Placement

Opposite Hand to Foot

Fifth: Push Up Circuit

10 Stations, 1st Cycle 10 Reps, 2nd Cycle 5 Reps

Ball On Wall


Plyo Med Ball


Bosu Up

Bosu Down

Balance Board


Med Ball

Push Up Aftermath

Air Ex Pads

Sixth: Ground Up Push Ups

5 sets of 20 Reps

I was hoping we would be done by now but there was still time on the clock!

Seventh: 1 Push Up Every 15 Seconds

3 Minutes

Didn’t wanna do these either…but we were motoring on quite well.

Eighth: Stretching

Just a variety of stretches…optional…



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