89th workout of the year, 8/24/2011.

Music: Bowling For Soup. T-Shirt: Bowling For Soup.

Mega sore from the last workout…the quads anyway.

So we’ll hit some other stuff in hopes of working some of the soreness out!

First: Push Up/Squat Circuit

A bunch of different kinds of push ups with squats in between…the quads hated this.

  1. Push Ups 10
  2. Squats 25
  3. Wide Push Ups 10
  4. Squats 25
  5. Hands by Waist Push Ups 10
  6. Squats 25
  7. Diamond Push Ups 10
  8. Squats 25
  9. Fists Under Chest Push Ups 10
  10. Squats 25
  11. Cobra Push Ups 10
  12. Squats 25
  13. Rotation Push Ups 10
  14. Squats 25
  15. Alternate Foot to Hand Push Ups 10
  16. Squats 25
  17. Eccentric Push Ups
  18. Squats 25
  19. Walkout Push Ups 10
  20. Squats 25

Second: Monster Walks

Yep the Monster Walks…for 50 Yards. This will light up the butt and quads…like they needed it.

Third: Quick Tabata Style Monster Hops

Meaning go as fast as you can for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds then repeat for four minutes.

Hits the butt, quad and lungs!


Clam shells 3 x 15 Both Sides


Jump Out/Jump Up with gold T-band

50 Yards

Sixth:Wall Run Tabata style!

Hands on the wall and run in place. You go as fast as you can for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

We do this for 8 sets. Takes less than 4 minutes.

Seventh: More wall stuff.

Wall Run 15 Seconds

10 Jumps

We did this for 4 minutes.

Eighth: Core/Abs stuff.

Crunches 100

Leg Raises 100

Ninth: Stretching

Not that I’ve lost a ton of flexibility…but I want what has slipped away back!

I just felt like adding it in and will be doing it more often.

No descriptions…check out the video!



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