92nd workout of the year, 9/17/2011.

Music: Hits of 1973. T- Shirt Alien.

Trying to get back to normal!

Still having some residual fatigue. Doc says it’s normal and may last 4 more weeks.

No Excuses!

Hence we continue onward.

Hundreds. Simple program.

We do several exercises for 100 reps!

And yes…if anyone wants to they can do some of this at home.

One Hundred…100…it’s only a number.

First: Leg Raises


Second: Chair Lunge

100 Each Leg

Third: Crunches


Fourth: Chair Squats


Fifth: Ground Up Push Ups


Sixth: Long Lunges

100 Each Leg

Seventh: Alternate Foot to Hand

100 Each Side

Eighth: Chair Jump Squats


Ninth: Seated Leg Raises


Tenth: Burpees

Yep. Best for last.


Eleventh: Push Up Variation

One push up…only one. There is a catch.

1 Every 10 Seconds

1 Every 15 Seconds

1 Every 30 Seconds

1 Every 15 Seconds

1 Every 10 Seconds

Sure. Doesn’t sound too bad.

Try it. You won’t like it!

Finally: Stretching…optional



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