Conditioning – Body Weight Style

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, lose fat, Push ups
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93rd workout of the year, 9/19/2011.

Music: Hits of 1974. T- Shirt: Popeye.

A bit sore from the last one.

Understandable since we took some time off.

Decided to keep hanging with mostly body weight exercises and conditioning for this one.


One: Agility Ladder Drills

Mainly to get the body moving. Heck one of these days I may have to come up with an all agility ladder drill day…

Two: Hurdle/Sprints

Short hurdle jumps followed immediately by a 25 yard sprint.

4 versions of the hurdles x 3 sets each.

Three: Push Up Variations

10 types of Push Ups, 10 Reps Each

Wide Hands


Close Hands

Fists Under Chest

Offset Hands

Regular Hand Placement



Alternate Foot to Hand

Walk Outs

Four: Chair Jump Squats w/Medicine Balls

11 Balls and Chairs

5 Reps Each

These will your heart pumping!

Five: Tabata Style Toe Taps

These are exhausting!

Six: Core/Abs

Sit Ups 25

Lemon Squeezers 25

Sit Ups/Lemon Squeezers Combo 25

Hip Ups 25

Reverse Crunches 25

Hip Ups/Reverse Crunches Combo 25

Side Hip Ups 25 Each Side

Leg Raises Top 1/3

Leg Raises Bottom 1/3

Leg Raises Middle 1/3

Leg Raises Full

Finally: Stretching…optional



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