99th workout of the year, 10/5/2011.

Music: Allman Brothers, James Gang. T-Shirt: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

The Circuit Training was so good last time we decided to do it again!

But there would be some changes, of course.

Because we never do the same thing in a row.

But I just had a thought…maybe one of these weeks we’ll do the same workout 3 days in a row. It would have to be a good one…with Burpees and Tabatas.

Hell I might be the only one that shows up (not really…I’m pretty sure there would be at least 6 or 7 that would endure the “pleasant suffering”).

Today we had 14 stations.

30 seconds at each station for as many reps as possible.

Then on to the next exercise.

We did 2 cycles.

The Circuit

  1. Step Ups
  2. Inverted Rows
  3. Battle Ropes
  4. Side to Side On Step
  5. Vertimax Laterals
  6. DB Curls
  7. Triceps Bench Dips
  8. Crunches
  9. Leg Raises
  10. Push Ups
  11. Plate Presses
  12. Ball Overhead, Squat to Ball
  13. Ab Pullins on Slide Board
  14. Lemon Squeezers

We didn’t do as many cycles as the last workout but we did do some core/ab work.


Seated Lemon Squeezers 50

Seated Leg Raises 50

Seated Twisting Lemon Squeezers 50

Tabata Flutter Kicks 20 sec max reps/10 sec break, 8 cycles

Legs Up Crunches 50

One Leg Up/One knee bent Crunches 50 Each Side

Optional Stretching



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